Welcome to Morocco

Discover our variety of hikes suitable for all and cross the most beautiful landscapes of Morocco !

Imperial Moroccan Cities:

Explore the Moroccan cities to discover the magic of their medinas. Each of the Moroccan cities has its own attractions. Visit cities: Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fez.

Visit the Atlantic coast of Morocco:

On the Moroccan Atlantic coast, many activities and leisure activities to discover: camel rides along the beach, boat trips, surfing, jet skiing …

Hiking in the desert Morocco:

To discover the authenticity of life in the Moroccan desert and immerse yourself in the nomadic lifestyle, there is nothing like riding a camel, letting yourself be rocked to the rhythm of your steps and admiring the dunes. Sleep in a bivouac in the sand dunes, in the Merzouga desert in Erg Chegaga.

Mountain bike tours in Morocco

Circuit Maroc Safari offers a wide variety of mountain biking tours for all skill levels and interests. Here are some examples of mountain bike tours in Morocco:

  • Mountain Bike Tour in the Atlas Mountains: This tour takes you through the Atlas Mountains, passing traditional Berber villages and spectacular landscapes. You can discover the local traditions, admire the panoramic views and enjoy beautiful descents.
  • Mountain bike circuit in the southern desert: This circuit allows you to discover the desert landscapes of southern Morocco, passing through oases, sand dunes and green valleys. You will also be able to meet the local nomads and learn about their traditional way of life.
  • Mountain biking circuit in the Atlantic coast: This circuit runs along the Moroccan Atlantic coast, passing through magnificent beaches, fishing villages and pine forests. You can also visit historical sites such as the Roman ruins of Lixus and the Portuguese city of Essaouira.
  • MTB circuit through the oases: This circuit takes you through the oases of southern Morocco, passing through traditional Berber villages, verdant palm groves and natural hot springs. You can also visit historical sites such as the fortified ksour in the Draa Valley.